The Hub is a coworking community located in the beautifully-restored Abernethy Transfer building, now known as Hickory Crossing. Aside from its "good bones", The Hub offers affordable, professional work space to individuals who desire to make work effective, efficient, and fun. Our hope is to be a stepping stone on your journey to success.
"Stay a few days or a lifetime."

HUB Spots

The HUB has a perfect spot for any professional, looking for a place to thrive. Choose a private office, dedicated studio, dedicated desk, flex desk, or a membership day pass. Check out the HUB Spots.

Why All The HUBbub?

The HUBbub stems from all the cool amenities at The HUB. Members enjoy things like fresh-cut flowers, super-cushy couches, fruit-infused water, and sound-proof phone booths. Oh, and there's all the run-of-the-mill office stuff too, of course. Plus, there are activities that foster the camaraderie and success of individuals and The HUB community as a whole.

HUB Network

The HUB Network includes, most importantly, YOU - The HUB member. Your network is made up of other members, just like you, who call The HUB home. Additionally, The HUB Network includes organizations in our area whose specific purpose is to support emerging businesses and the individuals who have or who are forming them. The HUB is a direct-connect to the area's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Are you looking for a workspace that has Amenities similar to that of a large corporation?


is definitely for you!
The Hub sets the stage for you to establish a beautiful life-work blend ...
Live your life.  Do your work.  Let The Hub help you be your “best you” at work. 
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About The HUB

The Hub is a coworking community for small businesses, start-up companies, professional individuals, and entrepreneurs.

The Hub welcomes a wide range of business professionals, those who may be beginning a career on their own or those who may have an established small business already.  We provide amenities suitable for a large corporation but in a stylish, cozy, and yes vintage atmosphere that embraces today’s business person.  Every member has access to all of our features from a luncheonette space and a conference room, to a secure wifi network and a receptionist.

As your client enters the building, they will receive a warm greeting from a professional receptionist who specializes in customer service and administrative assistance. The receptionist inquires as to the member the client is visiting and coordinates a connection based on the member’s instructions, whether that be collecting a business card or a leave-behind brochure or a face-to-face interaction. The Hub’s receptionist is discrete yet informative to your guests.  Your guests are The HUB's guests and are as important to us because they are important to you.  The receptionist will screen out solicitors that may not be of interest to you or your business.

Our building, Hickory Crossing, is located in a central business location in downtown Hickory with unique qualities full of History of our city. The Hub is a seven-minute walk to Hickory’s USPS office, Hickory Station restaurant; and a fifteen minute walk in the opposite direction to Lenoir Rhyne University.

Our Mission

To be a viable and meaningful contributor to our area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem; providing affordable, desirable workspaces along with connections to a network of support.

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Hub is not only to support you, your business, and your needs, but also to spark inspiration, creativity, a thirst for growth and shared knowledge.  By supplying a level of professional options at your fingertips, The Hub supports “you being your best you.” We trust you’ll find the visual content of The Hub space motivating and rejuvenating for your passion for your business. The Hub is more than just square footage, it’s about inspiring you and your team and creating the best environment for your innovations your sustainability. We understand that The Hub may be just a stepping-stone for you and your company.  That’s okay.  We celebrate and support growth in all shapes and sizes. We encourage an open mind as your adventure begins and evolves here at The Hub.  We are the high-fives throughout your journey and the supportive arms in your trust-falls.

Our Story

Our founders are two business men, geographically worlds apart but philosophically bonded when it comes to helping not just young people, but young businesses.  We hope to provide workspaces for new and established small businesses and a nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystem to support them. 

The Hub wants individuals to share their passions and learn about and experience the passions of others, tapping into the synergy created at The Hub community.


The Hub is visibly an ultra cool and modern space that creates an inspirational mindset that will allow all business professionals to always be a work in progress and strive to produce the most impactful and meaningful work. The Hub has strong ties to the professional and business community as well as the surrounding educational institutions.

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